Track record


Participation in the Erasmus+ project Feeding the World through ECVET in Agriculture with 14 European partners: development of online learning materials.



Sharing BTEC expertise: consultancy services for international BTEC Centres.



Development of online courses for


Successful grant application for Erasmus+ partnership project ‘Feeding the world through ECVET in Agriculture’. See selection results here.


Translation of educational materials about Horticulture for the Lentiz education group. Click here for a preview.


Translation of educational materials about Animal Feeding for Groenhorst College Barneveld. Click here for a preview.

‘I have hired Arnoud Cremers many times for the translation of educational materials and the editing of reports. Arnoud has carried out these jobs to my great satisfaction. Arnoud is meticulous and delivers his services well before the agreed deadlines. Besides this, Arnoud is a skilled translator, he pays special attention to a correct translation of technical terms when translating educational materials and reports. In this case agricultural learning materials. This is of utmost importance when translating professional materials. When in doubt, Arnoud consults with the client and provides good suggestions to improve the quality of the translated materials.’

Harm Rijneveld, Groenhorst College Barneveld.


Internationale capacity building of agricultural vocational education for the Ministry of Manpower of the Sultanate of Oman.


Project management for various international education projects, such as the Erasmus+ project AgriECVET with European colleges from the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Austria and Norway.


Educational advice for the Centre of Innovative Craftsmanship Horticulture.


Development of curricula and educational materials for the international BTEC courses in Agribusiness and Horticulture of MBO Westland in Naaldwijk, the Netherlands.


Development and translation of Dutch and international learning materials for the Lentiz education group.


International educational advice for the Lentiz education group.